What's New with Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Version 1.23.0-beta.1

2 Jun 2021

New :

  • New: Added an option to rollback to a previous version.
  • New: Added an option to get update notifications for beta versions.
  • New: Lottie – Added alignment Option.

Improvements :

  • Improvement: Frontend optimization by reducing one request of CSS.
  • Improvement: Improved the Dynamic Assets loading functionality for better performance.
  • Improvement: Static CSS Optimized by loading only used blocks’ CSS on a Page.
  • Improvement: Table of content – Optimized headings rendering to remove CLS impact.

Fixes :

  • Fix: Advanced Column – Column Gap Setting overlapping issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Column – Column Gap Setting not working in the Editor issue.
  • Fix: Advanced Column – Stack on tablet and mobile in preview mode.
  • Fix: Blockquote – Tweet link showing an empty page link and username.
  • Fix: Block condition – Conflicting with Real Media Library plugin.
  • Fix: Blocks throwing an error when deactivated all the UAG blocks except the Multi Buttons, Forms & How To.
  • Fix: Inline Notice and Review Schema block UI broken if Gutenberg plugin is activated.
  • Fix: Lottie – Settings conflict issue.
  • Fix: Lottie – Alignment issue in the editor.
  • Fix: Post Grid – Link to complete box redirect to the last post when image background set to Top.
  • Fix: Post Layout – Conflicting with the Envira Gallery plugin.
  • Fix: Post Layout – Invalid HTML markup of a post meta link.
  • Fix: Section – Margin Left/Right not working issue.
  • Fix: Social Share – Query string variables were omitted after the first ampersand. Encoded the Page/Post URL.
  • Fix: Table of content – HTML validation issue.

Version 1.22.5

20 May 2021


  • Improvement: Updated Gutenberg Template Library.

Version 1.22.4

10 May 2021

Fixes :

  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Margin option missing in spacing setting for an inner column.
  • Fix: Blockquote – Javascript console error when Twitter Icon is disabled.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Not allowed HTML tags in the title and JS minification issue.

Version 1.22.3

26 Apr 2021


  • Improvement: Advanced Column – Added two more shapes dividers for top and bottom.
  • Improvement: Added filter to disable block conditions from the editor. Read More
  • Improvement: Block preview on responsive devices in the editor.
  • Improvement: First letter Capitalize instead of all Meta in post layout.
  • Improvement: Forms – Resolved after adding v3 ReCaptcha in forms block needs to click twice on button to submit the form.
  • Improvement: Tabs – Added alignment option to the tab headers.
  • Improvement: Tabs – Added option to update the tabs order by moving it left or right.
  • Improvement: Taxonomy List – Added Html Tag Selector to set Tag of list title.


  • Fix: Block Conditions – Resolved some conflicts with the LifterLMS and Formidable forms.
  • Fix: Block Conditions – Resolved Invalid block issue of core widget blocks.
  • Fix: Content Timeline – Fixed Connector layout on mobile devices issue.
  • Fix: Display Condition – Added body tag instead of “entry-content” class in CSS to hide the block.
  • Fix: Forms – Resolved subject is not attached in the mail issue.
  • Fix: Google Map – Added some padding for the editor to improve a Google Map selection experience.
  • Fix: Social Share – Fixed the jQuery undefined error.
  • Fix: Tabs – Nested tab layout breaking all the tab functionality.
  • Fix: Tabs – Tabs body generating multiple times.
  • Fix: Tabs – Tab Anchors in the page link Are Ignored.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Conflict with Mediavine Ad Script.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Scrolling to the heading issue when smooth scroll was disabled.
  • Fix: Marketing Button – Fix Icon size setting issue.
  • Fix: Marketing button – Text color and hover color overriding the block-library style.
  • Fix: Post Masonry – Fixed the JS UAGBPostMasonry is not defined error.
  • Fix: Post Timeline – Fixed Heading and Sub-heading color issue on front-end.
  • Fix: Post Layout – Conflicting with NextGen Gallery plugin.
  • Fix: Posts Layout – On disabling the “Show Excerpt” option “Read More” setting was hidden.
  • Fix: Resolved RangeControl Slider issue in responsive modes.
  • Fix: Fix taxonomy special character issue in all post layouts.

Version 1.22.2

7 Apr 2021


  • Fix: Advanced Columns – Column not stacking on tablet & mobile devices.
  • Fix: Table of Contents – Showing default title instead of saved one.

Version 1.22.1

25 Mar 2021


  • Fix: Table of Contents: Content not being generated in few themes due to missing entry-content class.

Version 1.22.0

24 Mar 2021



  • Block Templates – Added filter to disable the Block Templates. Read More
  • Post Layouts – Now all the selected categories can be displayed in each post layout.
  • Table of Contents – Now Table of Contents stores minimal data in databases and calculates the contents dynamically on page load.


  • Advanced Column – Reverse column and stack issue on tablet/mobile.
  • BuddyBoss Platform plugin conflicting with Content Timeline and Post Timeline.
  • Block Conditions – Resolved some conflicts with the WPForms.
  • Block Conditions – Deactivating all the blocks resulting to few console errors on admin page.

Version 1.21.1

15 Mar 2021


  • Added compatibility with WordPress v5.7.


  • Post Layouts – Fixed the JS undefined error with post_type in block editor while using Post Masonry.
  • Post Layouts – Fixed the Post Layout keeps loading when clicking on categories All.

Version 1.21.0

1 Mar 2021


  • Tabs Block. Read More
  • Added ability to import pre-made pages, patterns for block editor.


  • Block Conditions – Now user can add conditions of visibility to blocks with respect to User State, Responsive Visibility, User Role, Browser, and Operating System.
  • Added Transform Compatibility in Advanced Heading and Blockquote Block.
  • Added hooks for automatic Toolset Dynamic Sources.


  • RTL issues in a few of the blocks.
  • Content Timeline – Connector issue on Tablet and mobile.
  • Content Timeline – Font size not applying for the date on left/right layout.
  • Price List – Block encountered an error when used as a reusable block.
  • Heading Color issue in some blocks when used with Cover block.


  • Removed Transform Compatibility from Icon List Block.

Version 1.20.1

22 Jan 2021


  • Content Timeline – Content not being saved issue.
  • Post Carousel – Posts layout breaks when the equal height option is enabled.
  • Table of Content – Hyperlink not being scrolled to respective heading issue.
  • Price List – Block Editor validation issue when image alignment set to middle.