Control Child Items in Nested Blocks Independently

UAG - Control Child Items in Nested Blocks

Hello Ultimates, 

Hope you are well and safe at home! 🙂

While working from home in this COVID-19 pandemic, we are releasing an exciting update that will make the design process easier for you.

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg version 1.14.9 brings the ability to duplicate/ delete/ move child item of the following blocks separately,

  • Icon List 
  • Multi Buttons 
  • Social Share 

Here is a screenshot of how your Icon List will look –

Let’s dig more about this update – 

How It Was Working Before? 

Earlier to UAG version 1.14.9, if you use any of the blocks from Icon List, Multi Buttons or Social Share you would get it as one whole bunch. That means you could not modify the child items with much flexibility.

For example – Consider you designed 2 nice buttons with Multi Buttons block. Now you wish to duplicate one of the buttons or delete a one. When you click on the block, you get all child buttons as one bunch that can not be separated easily. Tough job, right?

How It Will Work Now? 

What if we say now you can edit every button as a macro element? Wouldn’t that be great! 

With the latest update, you will be able to edit each child item from the mentioned blocks and use them separately.

Let’s continue with the above example, out of your 2 buttons you can now pick any individual button and duplicate it. You can even delete any of the individual button without affecting  other child buttons.

This gives more control over these super useful blocks and makes the design process easy and fast. 

Update UAG Now 

This feature will be available from UAG version 1.14.9. You can update Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg from the WordPress update page and start enjoying this new control. 

Note: UAG version 1.14.9 is completely backward compatible. That means it will not affect your existing design or blocks. 

What’s More Exciting 

In this update, we are shipping another most requested feature – Pagination support in Post Grid block. 

You will now be able to enable pagination and avoid longer post displays on a page. 

Setting will be available under General. You can totally customize the pagination elements.

Do let us know how you like this update in the comments below. Contact our support in case of any queries. 

See you next time! Stay safe! 

2 thoughts on “Control Child Items in Nested Blocks Independently”

    1. Hello Hannes,

      Unfortunately, we have deprecated that option as it was dependant on the Full-Width option of the outer wrap.

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