This block allows sharing content from your site on Twitter. Here is a demo for the block.

Key features –

  • Pre-designed layouts – Modern and Quotation
  • Option to add Author image along with the name
  • Stack Author details and Twitter button on responsive devices
  • Typography and Color options for content
  • Completely customize Twitter Icon
  • Spacing options

How it works?

Block allows adding content with Author details and will offer a Twitter Icon button. You can also enter Twitter account username that will be shared along with the content. Clicking on the Twitter Icon button will open a small window on a new page. This window will contain – content (quote), page URL and Twitter username (if entered). You would need to login to your Twitter account to share the quote in the above window.

Pre-designed Layouts – Modern and Quotation

Under Layout tab you can choose a design for Blockquote.

Modern layout offers following options –

  • Quote Border Style
  • Thickness (px)
  • Border Color (Normal and Hover)
  • Stack on – Choose on what breakpoint the elements will stack

Quotation layout offers following options –

  • Quote Icon Size
  • Background Size
  • Quote Icon Border Radius (%)
  • Quote Icon Colors (Normal and Hover)
  • Icon Background Color
  • Stack on – Choose on what breakpoint the elements will stack
  • Inline/Normal Quote – Manage the Quote Icon and content alignment. Refer a screenshot.

Add Author image

Under Content tab Author Image can be added. Additional settings will appear for author image Position, Size, Width,Rounded Corners.

Customize Twitter Icon

Twitter icon will appear in a small button. This button can be customized with following options –

  • Icon View
  • Icon Style
  • Font Size
  • Target URL
  • Button Padding (px)
  • Tweet Color
  • Tweet Background Color

Spacing options

Spacing can be managed for the block elements under Spacing tab. Options will be available based on selected layout.