Review Schema

This block will help you insert schema to your reviews to your pages in just a few clicks. With pre-designed structure for your reviews, this will ensure faster review addition.

And on top of that you can enable Schema by just using a click of a button.

Key features —

  • Insert type and subtype of review schema
  • Enable schema support with a Click
  • Provided various Style Settings
  • Notices for Every Schema fields

Here’s the Review Snippet article which explains the fields of Review Schema in more details.


Review Title – Tag – Choose relevant Title tags for your Review Title from H1 to H6

Link – You can insert an URL to which the user can be redirected based on the Review

And following are the options which can be used to Show/Hide options from the Review Schema Block —

  • Open in new window
  • Show Review Description
  • Show review author
  • Show review image
  • Show ratings
  • Enable Schema Support –> Schema

Note: You might have seen a notice which displays the fields for Review Schema, this needs to be filled out correctly. Once the Schema fields for the Review are entered correctly it will be hidden automatically.


  • Item Type – Book, Course, Movie, Product, Software Application
  • Item Subtype – None, Individual Product, Product Collection, Product Group, Product Model, Some Products, Vehicle
  • Review publisher
  • Date of publish
  • Brand
  • SKU
  • Identifier
  • Identifier Type
  • Offer Currency
  • Offer Price
  • Offer Status
  • Price Valid Until


Style the Review Schema using the following styling options ranging from Typography to Color and Padding —

  • Title Typography / Color
  • Summary Typography / Color
  • Active Star Color
  • Inactive Star Color
  • Star Outline Color
  • Overall Padding – Top-Bottom/Left-Right