Testimonials are happy customers reviews that can be displayed on the site to add credibility. Testimonial block allows adding a number of testimonials in a nice slider.

Key features –

  • Image Selector
  • Image Positioning ( Top/Bottom/Left /Right)
  • Add Clients Name,  Company and Testimonial Description
  • Total Control on Carousel
  • Colors and  Typography options for each section
  • Spacing options
  • Background and Border Style
  • Responsive Support

Image Selector and Image Positioning

Once you select ‘Number of Testimonials’ from the General tab, you get the option to choose the image for each testimonial. You can set the client’s picture or a company logo or any appropriate image for a testimonial. Under the Image tag, you get separate image option for each testimonial. After selecting all the images you will find following detailed options –

– Image Position: Choose Top/Bottom/Left /Right position for image.
– Image Style: Choose a circle or square style for the image.
– Image Size: Choose thumbnail, medium or large size.
– Width: Set image width in pixel.

Add Clients Name, Company and Testimonial Description

Testimonial block allows adding testimonial content, client’s name and the company name along with the image as stated above.

Total Control on Carousel

The block displays all testimonials in a nice carousel. You can control this carousel with various settings. Under the Carousel tab, you get following options to set carousel as per requirement –

– Pause On Hover
– Autoplay
– Infinite Loop
– Transition Speed (ms)
– Arrow Size

Colors,  Typography and Spacing options for each section

Color Settings, Typography, and Spacing tab provide separate options for content, name, company name, and image.

Background and Border Style

You get separate options to set background and border for each testimonial. A background can be set as an image or a color. While with border there are a number of style and color options.

Responsive Support

This block allows you to select a number of columns for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Under the General tab, you will get options to select a number of testimonials and how you want to display them in the column.