Getting Started with Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Don’t know the code? No problem. Build your dream website for FREE with default WordPress editor Gutenberg and Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg (UAG). The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is a library of advanced and creative Gutenberg blocks and ready-to-import full website demos that help you build an amazing website in minutes!

In this article, we’ll walk you through exactly how to build the website of your dreams step-by-step.

Table of Contents
1 What is Gutenberg?
2 What are Blocks?
3 How to Use the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg?
Install the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg
Introduction to UAG Blocks
Adding the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Blocks on a Page or Post
Block Settings in Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

What is Gutenberg?

Most of us are already familiar with the term Gutenberg and how it works. But, this short introduction is for those who have just begun creating a website or a blog with WordPress default editor Gutenberg .

Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor released with version 5.0. WordPress introduced this block-based editor into the core. Gutenberg uses blocks to create all kinds of content, making it easier to design blogs and websites.

What are Blocks?

Block or Gutenberg block is a term used for any kind of content that you add in the new WordPress editor. Anything you insert within a page or a post is a block in the editor. Gutenberg has a few default blocks such as the Paragraph, Image, Heading, Gallery, etc. that give you some good stuff to begin with.

How to Use the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg?

Prerequisite – Gutenberg

Gutenberg is already the default editor and all of us will find it immediately after installing WordPress. You can take a quick ride to see how it works.

Install the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Once you are familiar with Gutenberg, you can ahead and install the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg by moving to Plugins -> Add New -> Search Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. You can also download the plugin for free from the UAG website and install it like any other WordPress plugin on your website.

After activation, you will be taken to the welcome page of our plugin. This is where we give you some helpful information and links that can be used in the future. You will also see the various Gutenberg blocks listed below.

This is the page where you can activate and deactivate the blocks depending on your requirements. We’ve set this so that you do not have unnecessary blocks bloating your website. 🙂

Introduction to UAG Blocks

The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg or UAG is an ever-growing library of advanced and creative blocks that extend the possibilities of Gutenberg and give you lots of freedom to explore your creative end.

As of now, the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg has around 17+ blocks that you see in the demonstrations on the website. We are working on adding many more blocks that will be released soon.

Adding the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg Blocks on a Page or Post

The UAG blocks work just like any other Gutenberg blocks.

  • Click on the (+) icon to insert a block.
  • Search UAG and you will find all the above mentioned blocks listed there.
  • Pick the block that you wish to use within the page or post.

The best part of the new WordPress editor is that you do not see shortcodes or a rough layout, but a real view of how your content will look in the frontend. UAG maintains this quality and gives you a preview of how each block will look in the front end.

You can edit and manage the content within a block by simply clicking over it and replacing the placeholder text.

Block Settings in Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Just like the Gutenberg blocks, UAG block settings too can be managed through the right sidebar seen when you click on a particular block.

Each UAG block has its own set of settings that you can manage. Even if you have two copies of the same block, you will need to manage settings individually for each of them.

Some blocks may have inline alignment and formatting options that can be managed through the upper left corner of the block as seen in the image above.

Publish and go Live!

Once you have all the necessary blocks on page and designed them as per your needs, you simply need to publish and go live!

Get With Ultimate Addons Now!

The Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is just an extension of Gutenberg that adds several creative blocks to extend design possibilities of the default WordPress editor.

Its works exactly like the other Gutenberg blocks, giving you a lot of flexibility and freedom without any additional page builder. You can also refer to our detailed knowledge base articles that will make things a lot easier to work with.

Get started with the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg today!

Please feel free to get in touch in case you need help with anything. 🙂

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  1. Angu Ransom Azeh

    Thanks for these tips! Just sorted out a little issue I had and decided to drop a comment. Thanks for the help.

  2. I like it. After switching to Gutenberg, my site is doing better on the search result page. For my keywords, and it loads faster, it’s easier to manage. Apparently, the Google search console also likes this editor because I could fix 2 rich results issues very quickly.

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