Marketing Button and CPT Selection Option for Rich Gutenberg Pages!

Let’s say you have this amazing well written content and a beautifully designed page on your website. I am sure it is going to attract a lot of users and encourage them to read more! Such pages are often accompanied with call-to-actions that need users to act!

But what if the user bypasses the button and does not click on the button? Sad ? right?

A simple solution can be adding a short catchy line that will make the offer more interesting and click-worthy. It will create a spark for the user to click the button and you will get more leads! Yeyyy ?

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg now offers – Marketing Button for Gutenberg! This button allows you to add an icon, title and a small line of text that boosts the chances of users to act. This tiny line can give a quick idea about the associated link and make it easy for the user to click the button.

Afterall we don’t want you to lose any opportunity to create a lead! ✌️

Our mission is to be the most trusted and the best complementary addon for Gutenberg that will doll up your website nicely. And so we seek to serve every required feature you ask for.

Introducing CPT support for Post Layouts

Yes! We have heard it clearly and with this update, we are bringing an option to add Custom Post Types and controls to choose Taxonomy.

We already have Post Layouts blocks like Post Grid, Post Masonry, Post Carousel and Post Timeline as a part of the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. Previously these block only allowed you to display posts. But now we are giving you the freedom to display custom post types within these Post blocks.

We are also introducing Taxonomy Controls. Now choose a particular category or tag for selected CPT (custom post types) and decorate them as charming you are! 🙂

Lovely! Isn’t it? ?

Go ahead and update the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg to version 1.11.0 to try these new features. Don’t forget to visit the demo page and knowledge base article for any further help.

Let us know how you like this update in the comments below. In case you need any assistance, get in touch with our support team.

See you next time! ?

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