Speed Up Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg with Optimized Code!

We’re not yet done making things faster for you!

Hope you all are doing great and enjoying working with the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg as always! Here is one more reason to love UAG even more 🙂

Ever since we started building products, we’ve wanted to keep designing experience easy and fast. This is the same with UAG. Through our past few updates, we have focused on minimizing the code and file size to boost up the page load speed.

Taking a step further in this process, we are excited to present our next update that will reduce CSS and JS loaded for Gutenberg blocks. 

Our team has put in sincere efforts to make UAG more lighter. The main aspect we centralized in this release is to minimize the CSS and JS that plugin loads. 

Here is what UAG version 1.13.4 does – 

  • Every UAG block has a default styling. CSS needed for this styling will load only when you choose to use a certain block. 
  • CSS for deactivated blocks will be removed totally from the website. Only activated block styles will be taken to the pages where UAG blocks are used. 
  • Similarly, JS will be loaded on pages, only when the respective UAG block is used. 

In short, CSS and JS will load only when the UAG block is in action on a particular page. This means, 

Less is More! 

We understand the importance of website loading speed and the new improvised UAG is committed to pushing you at the top of the chain. 

Update UAG to the latest version right away and take benefit of this new improvement. 

Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions or need help with anything.

Cheers! ?

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