The Best Way to Style Gravity Forms in Gutenberg!

What if I tell you – you can style Gravity Forms in just a few clicks?

I am sure most of you may agree that customizing and styling Gravity Forms using CSS is one of the most painful tasks.

We’ve made it simpler!

Yes! This is now a lot simpler with the Gravity Form Styler included within the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg! It means that you can now customize the look of a standard Gravity Form without a plugin made particularly for this.

Gravity Form is one of the most advanced and popular form building plugins. And it’s time to take it to the top-drawer with the Gravity Form Styler for Gutenberg. Take a look at the image below to see one possibility of how you can style gravity forms.

Do you want to customize your Gravity Forms and make them look attractive like the ones you see on our demos page? As promised above, we are giving you the best way to build forms with Gravity Forms and style it with the Gravity Form Styler block for Gutenberg.

What can you do with the Gravity Form Styler?

UAG’s Gravity Form Styler comes with several features that you’ll love. So, here are a few benefits that it offers –

  • You can design forms faster with predefined styles for the input fields on the form – Box and Underline
  • Highlight input fields with border width, radius, color etc.
  • Display clear and pretty looking labels and input text with various typography and color options.
  • Customize your checkboxes and radio buttons to match the overall look of your form.
  • Your submit button is the main CTA in the form. Customize the look and feel of your submit button to make users click!
  • Customize the success and error messages to grab attention.
  • Space out your form fields with advanced spacing options.

Want to try these? You can go ahead and update the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg to version 1.12.0, and begin styling your forms with this trendy block! Here is a knowledge base article we have for this specific block.

Have any further queries? Or wish to share some feedback and ideas? We’d love to hear as always. Please feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below, or simply write to us!

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